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Sad News about Hempfest


It is my sad duty to inform that this year’s Hempfest will be cancelled. After discussing it among our organization we have decided is in the best interest of all parties to cancel the event. This was a hectic year for our organization with several board member changes, and ultimately it became too much to accomplish with too little time to do it. HOWEVER, we are working on a replacement event, possibly a dance party on the quad to raise awareness about the marijuana decriminalization bill currently in the State Assembly. More details will be announced soon.

I would like to sincerely apologize to all those who were planning on attending. Since taking over as President a few weeks ago, the organization and I have done everything possible to make this event happen, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. As President of SSDP next year, I promise you that next year’s Hempfest will the best in recent memory. Next year 4/20 is a Saturday, and our first objective of the year will be to secure that date. Until then, SSDP will continue to do everything possible to promote student activism and to change the laws regarding Cannabis and other drugs in our state and federal governments. With Decriminalization on the agenda in Rhode Island and several states looking to legalize in November, it’s look like we’ll have plenty to celebrate at next year’s Hempfest.